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Mediato, comprised of a number of mediators and arbitrators from a range of backgrounds, with go years of combined global business and practical experience, are passionate about empowering clients to find creative solutions to complex challenges. Mediato provides a one stop service of mediators and arbitrators who can also assist and advise on the inclusion of ADR clauses into contracts. ADR is the smart, modern and efficient approach and Mediato, the smart choice for service provider to take you there.

An alternative approach to traditional_ court battles and litigation where ultimately, even winners end up losing. Discerning businesses and individuals are increasingly opting for more certainty and control_ over dispute resolution outcomes within a reasonable time and at significantly lower financial_ and personal_ cost. More and more they are finding that the benefits of impartial, "without prejudice" and confidential_ mediation and arbitration processes far outweigh the all too familiar posturing and reliance on an overloaded Court system and legal technicalities to sort out disputes.

There remains yet another arrow in the quiver... should mediation not succeed or only be partially effective, one can still avoid the pitfalls of prolonged litigation and enter into private arbitration for resolution of disputes. The parties can agree to the rules applicable, choose the terms of reference and time table.

“mediation, if properly and profesionally executed, is a highly effective discipine with research in the UK and elsewhere boasting a sucess rate of more than 70% across all spheres”

Courts in many jurisdictions are increasingly insisting on mediation prior to enrolling matters for trial. Successful mediation brings with it agreed settlements, certainty, finality and closure.

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“Working as a collective to change and alter the way we manage conflict and resolve disputes.”

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