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A new paradigm in human development - the human performance revolution

Welcome to the human performance revolution

The Transformation

Our vision is to empower people and organisations to take a vertical leap, grow, transform & live the best and most successful, healthy, extraordinary conscious version of themselves.

The Ravenall Institute is a transformation company focused on personal and business transformation. It is a private company comprising of a number of brands focused around maximising human performance and health.

The institute was recently recognized by the 5th annual Healthcare & Pharnaceutical Awards, hosted by Global Health & Pharma as Best Transformational Healthcare Coaching Company - South Africa and Award for Excellence in Human Performance revolution.

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Our Portfolio

Dr Suzanne Ravenall B.msc. M.MSC MSC.D

Suzanne is a modern day explorer of human potential, she is a visionary, transformation Coach, consciousness engineer, professional speaker, integrative medicine practitioner and human performance change maker.

Human Performance Replicator

We replicate the top ten percent of individual performance, skills, behaviours, attributes into the average 80% with lasting change in a matter of weeks through a proprietary methodology.

National Centre for Complementary and Behaviour Medicine

NCCBM commenced as a result of personal stories of illness through to healing journey successes, an ultimate search for health and wellbeing.

The Effectiveness Company

As a vendor-neutral managed service provider, we provide transformation, ease and transparency through a best in class network of providers, to deliver a valued outcome.

Mediato International Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

And alternative approach to traditional court battles and litigation where ultimately, eve winners end up losing. Discerning businesses and individuals opting for more certainty and control over dispute resolution outcomes wihtin a reasonable time and at a significantly lower financial and personal cost.

Our Mission

One person at a time, through individual and group events to provide life changing tools that unleash the power of the mind, transend the past, change perspective, accelerate growth and forward movement

Our Accreditations

The Difference

We are at a tipping point in time where we have the opportunity to do it differently, think differently, to allow ourselves to be moved by the new circumstances that have just been created and to create anew. To continue down an old path or use this change in a conscious awareness to go down a different path, to reach out and make exponential change and to look at those around us and take them with us. The world wont change wihtout new ways of being we need a new paradigm in human development. It matters, we all matter.althcare Coaching Company - South Africa and Award for Excellence in Human Performance revolution.

“The future belongs to those that believe in the beuty of their dreams.”
-Eleanor Rooseveldt